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About Me

During my college years (2010-2014), really my last year and a half, I found a new love of making music. I would spend hours watching youtube videos of djs and producers playing instruments, chopping samples and making beats. My girl friend at the time (wife now!) gave me an Akai Mpk Mini 2 for Christmas, and I've been playing it ever since.

My music inspiration is all over the place. I grew up on Disco and Funk music - Earth, Wind and Fire, Commodores, Con Funk Shun, and so on, as well as some country, like George Strait and oldies, like Frank Sinatra.

Through friends at school I got into rap and hip hop. In college I started loving chillhop - hip hop with a chill, sometime ambient, vibe. I also got into some Christian worship music through coming to know Jesus.

I basically love all music. So it can sometimes be difficult to decide what kind I am going to make. I usually lean towards something that is chill with a good kick and snare.

Do I have formal training or play instruments? Nah, not really. I played trumpet in middle school for two years, but that is it. I've learned some piano and some uke over these years, which has been fun. But I am not some prodigy. I just love to create. I try to learn as much as I can and grow as an artist and a person. Thankfully youtube is full of talented people who share there skill and wisdom. Thank God.

Well, that's about it I think. If you want to hear my music you can always follow me on the multitdue of platforms, or email me. Thanks for stopping by!