Your identity is what drives you, it's the reason you do what you do. You must know it. You must know who you are.


You Are

release date

july 21, 2017


worship, meditation, chill


identity, love


The Story

During my first couple years in college, sometime around 2011, I became interested in djing. I would watch DJs for hours on YouTube spinning and mixing and I thought it was so cool. As I kept watching I would stumble upon people making beats. Using drum pads, sampling, playing the keys and so on. It was my new love.

Christmas 2014, my girlfriend at the time (my wife now!), got me my first midi controller. The Akai Mpk Mini 2. The previous couple of months I had been trying to make beats, and man were they terrible. But I was having a blast, so she fueled the flame.

The beginning of 2016 I put out my first music on soundcloud. I finally felt like I was at the place where my music was listenable. Around the same time I had thought it would be so cool to make an album that was a mesh between chill hip hop and christian/worship music.

A year later, in 2017, I had made so much more music and grown a ton in producing - learning to mix and master a bit, some piano chords and even dipped into sampling.

The years of 2014 - 2017 I call my "Identity Years". During this time I was a part of a ministry school learning about who God was, who I was, and being in relationship with Holy Spirit. I was questioning everything, learning more and being awakened to who I was in Christ. It was such a foundating building time in my life.

This project is an outcome of these years. It is my heart.

I believe God is awakening the world to who we really are. And ultimately who God the Father is. I pray that your time listening and emerging yourself into the music will bring about much life and many questions. Questions that will drive you to seek God and to come to know how God he truly is.

New Beginnings (intro)

The intro is the set up, welcoming you into a place where you can receive truth and listen with opened ears and hearts. Each day is new, and when you listen to this album, newness is waiting for you.


Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness where he is tempted by satan. The first thing that was challenged? His identity. I often find that the number one problem people have is due to them not knowing who they are. They believe a lie from their childhood and it ruins them forever, unless they challenge that lie.

Beauty is one of those major components. If you can't look at yourself how are you supposed to love yourself. And if you can't love yourself, how can you love others? "Love your neighbor as yourself", you must love yourself so you can love and be love to others.

You are beautiful.


"Why do you call me good? Only God is good." - Jesus

God the Father had been so misrepresented and confused by others that Jesus had to come and reveal who he actually was. God is good, and all that God did, Jesus did. Gods character is fully manifested as the man Jesus, the living word. Jesus revealed how good God truly is, and he has always been that way. He is with you and he is for you.

"You're a good good Father, that's who you are, that's who you are".


Jesus not only came to reveal the Father, but he came to die, so that we could live. So that we could be in perfect unity with the Father. He risked it all, so that he could be with you. Nothing can come in the way of his desire for you.

You are wanted.

The Thief and the Giver

Who is the thief? Who is the giver?

"For God so loved the world that he GAVE..."

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Theology that makes God both is wrong and destructive. There is a clear difference, let's keep it that way.


"Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

The Kingdom is now. It is at hand. We don't have to wait till Heaven to experience and live how God made us to do so. He died for this. You are one with Him. He loves you. You rock.

Loved (outro)

You are loved.

You are greater than you think. Jesus paid it all for you. The Holy Spirit is here and now, waiting to move in truth and power. Let's partner with him and be the light of the world.

You are good, worthy, beautiful and wanted.

You are loved. Yes, you are.

Ready to listen??

The Story: The Album Cover

In 2015, My wife made me a painting of a heart with a tree growing out of it. The next couple of months I was told multiple times from different people, that they saw me by a tree and I was spending time with God or that there was growth happening inside my heart, and so on. It was pretty crazy. My first thought for an album cover was the heart, with a little seed about to grow. And so it became.